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Mosquito Bulb





We are a new company which has developed a dynamic passion and vigorous ambition


with the young generation in mind and that we wish to bring to the world the new


challenges and creative innovations in the field of public health and wellness.


We are a supplier of a REPELLIGHT, the insect and mosquito bulbs, the latest product


in the market which incorporates the revolutionary application of nano materials and


laid down the foundation of change which conforms to the new Inorganic Chemistry


Nano Technology.

We have developed a new product which we are proud to distribute around the world


for the first time with an all encompassing new concepts that is readily on par/and or


even superior to the other products that are already in the market today.


We have done several mosquito, moth and insects repelling tests. This duly verified test


results of our products carry with it the world best competitive power relative to the


insects repelling effect and function. We will utilize the product‘s competitive power and


embark in an aggressive sales and marketing initiatives throughout the world.


We are going to study and continuously develop the competitiveness of our new


products and showcase these to our customers and likewise upgrade the company's


development trends, directions and visions.


" With a Mosquito Bulb, the repellent effect lasts


until a lifetime of bulb "

Mosquito Bulb



In one way or the other everyone and without


exception has experience the stinging bites and


mundane annoyance brought about by the blood


sucking and damaging effects of mosquito.


Mosquito, moths and many other insects disturb


our outdoor activity habits at night by


its enormous


annoying wing sounds and indiscriminate blood


sucking activities etc. and thus give us all


sorts of psychological and spiritual stress


such as unpleasant feeling, fear, discomfort etc.


The physical manifestation of these mosquito and insect bites produced some skin


allergic rupture, itchiness, various aches and so on. It also ushered in the spread


of disease such as malaria, filariasis, encephalitis, yellow fever, dengue etc.


And in extreme cases even death. And insects also disturb to have dinner at


the outdoor restaurants, gardening life and so on.


We are pleased to announce the introduction of our REPELLIGHT(specially coated


on bulbs for insect repelling - Mosquito Bulb), a new product line to be distributed


to all and sundry around the world. It was developed with the incorporation of new


inorganic chemical materials which is introduced by White colored bulbs for the


first time, so that we can minimize the damage wrought by mosquito and insect


bites and prevent the spread of diseases and deaths. It is also applicable to all


insects including moths, dayflies and mosquitoes.


Mosquito Bulb

Our bulb color : white Applicable to all bulbs

Competitor's products Color - yellow




Stay mosquitoes, moths, dayflies and insects free at night with Insect Repellent Bulbs


(Mosquito Bulb). Repellight Bulbs are perfected for outdoor activities like restaurants,


parks and public places which may be disrupted by the buzz of insects.


Just change existing bulbs by Repellight Bulbs !!!


It is a great product to use while gardening or sitting around outside. It kept 90%


of the insects away. We would recommend this product for gardening or if


someone is entertaining outside.


Bulbs For Mosquito and insect Repellent (Insect and Mosquito Bulb)

Mosquito Bulb


Inorganic Chemical Nano Materials :


We coated by colorless and non-smelly


substances on the bulbs. By only changing


any existing bulbs, these substances enable


the efficacy of insect repelling application.


This Mosquito and Insects Repellent Bulbs


will make a comfortable and easy outdoor


life at night.


"A perfect keeper in Midsummer night"


"REPELLIGHT was the world’s first white colored insect and mosquito bulbs


that unfolds its far superior quality and competitive effectiveness when


compared to the existing products in the market today.


It has a dynamic and penetrating mosquito and insect repelling effect. The other


competitor’s bulbs are all Yellow colored, but our mosquito bulbs are all White


colored. It is the first application in the world."


"The best effect for repelling of mosquito and insects"


"No more mosquito and insects attack"


This new product called REPELLIGHT BULB deters or repels mosquito and insect


bites during summer night time. It can infinitely attest to its effectiveness and


usefulness in this category.


It can effectively compete with the various existing products in the market today


such as Home Keeper and F-Killer of Insecticide lamps products ; Repellent of


Mosquito and insect repelling products and Electronic mosquito repelling


products (incense) etc., and even the Ultrasonic mosquito repellent and so on.


It has been noted that majority of these products developed some harmful


effects to the human body and that the delivery of healthful effect is limited overall.


It also bring about discomfort when used repeatedly. But in the case REPELLIGHT,


it will have a continuous effect with no harmful elements at all, under the light at night.

[Repellight comparison test video]



REPELLIGHT is the mosquito & insect repelling bulbs

Mosquito Bulb


As a mosquito and insect repellent bulb,


REPELLIGHT is coated by inorganic chemical


substances. It is typically used for repelling


mosquito and insect in summer night.


It is a truism that mosquito and insect bites


causes the spread of various diseases such


as encephalitis, malaria, West Nile virus,


elephantiasis (silk filariasis) yellow fever and


dengue fever as well.


This harmful insect bites cause the formation allergic and skin inflammation.


Thus immunization against this should be implemented quickly in order to avert


a community epidemic especially to the weak and sickly child. It has been noted


that existing mosquito and insect repellent products in the market today posit more


problems than cure because it utilizes insecticidal ingredients in its formulation.




"REPELLIGHT is developed by incorporating the Inorganic


Chemical Nano Technology"


The development, manufacture, sales and export of the mosquito and insect


repelling white colored bulb effect is revealed here for the first time in the world.


REPELLIGHT mosquito bulb is the newest repellent product bulb that


was developed to deter the menace caused by mosquito & insects specially


during outdoor activity in summer night.


Mosquito Bulb


Main Features


- No harm, No smell, No noise


- Mosquito & Nocturnal Bugs Control bulb.


- High efficiency of Electric power(20W)


- Long Life(8,000 hrs).




- All out-door place


- Entrance of building & Veranda, Basement


- Park, Condominium and similar facilities


- Outdoor cafeteria, Golf club and Fishing



- Industrial Factory, stock and warehouse,




- Cattle Shed and Barn




REPELLIGHT Mosquito Bulb is the world’s first white lighted mosquito and insect


repelling bulbs that exhibits a longer sustaining power. It automatically repels


mosquito and insect bites or attacks when lamped on. And its repelling effects


will last up to a lifetime of bulb.

The REPELLIGHT Mosquito Bulb is demonstrated that with a changing bulbs only,


its repelling efficacy last for a long time until a lifetime of bulb. And that it is totally


harmless to the human body. High mosquito and insect repelling effect noted


under the REPELLIGHT light at night. It is harmless to human body.





The PURELIGHT Mosquito Bulbs shall be free from mosquito and insect infestation,


the uninvited guest on summer nights at vacation or resort sites near the sea or river,


at the restaurants, at the garden or courtyard, playground, outdoor leisure facilities and


camping sites.


There will be no injuries from obnoxious insecticides or electronic gadgets, mosquito


and insect coils to repel mosquito and insects and thus we will be free from the


danger of hazardous substances and fire risk when we use REPELLIGHT bulbs.


Just change your existing bulbs by REPELLIGHT Mosquito Bulb !!!




Mosquito Repellent bulb (Repellight)


emit the light wave from the center pick of 610nm,


and blocks Ultra Violet wave lengths which is attractive mosquito and moth.


Thus nocturnal bugs and mosquito can not see light.






Our Repellight Bulbs are all white lights


Competitor's products Color are all yellow